November 02, 2007
  Structure X

(Oakland, 2007. Image copyright Hamish Reid).

Yes, you've seen bits of this before. I've often strived for the flesh-meets-steel effect, the collision of the intimate and the estranged, often a little too hard, a little too obviously, but this one works for me. It's definitely got a sci-fi feeling to it for most people, which isn't what I wanted at all, but never mind: the contrasting structures of body and port, the nipple showing through defiantly, the reddish tone, the intimation of skin and surface… that all sets it in the right direction for me. I'll get it right one day…

I was on a bus with a photographer on Friday. He was talking about building an online portfolio and I loaded your website to show him what kind of work you'd done.

It was surprising to find these, and strange -- though not unexpected -- that he didn't make the connection while examining the images.
Oh, that's cute :-). But it doesn't surprise me that he didn't make the connection — that obscurity is kinda the point with some of these images, no?
That's one nice picture. I love the high contrast, as well as the shadows.
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