October 12, 2007
  Two For One

(Oakland, 2006. Image copyright Hamish Reid).

A recasting of an old fave, this time in monochrome, and this time a little less freighted with emotional overtones. But there's still the contrasts between the surfaces, and the inevitable narratives you're almost invited to make up if you see this without the twin contexts of my studio and my life.

And even if you don't know the back story or the bodies themselves, it still works just as well as pure texture and abstract geometry, a landscape of asymmetries and surface.

Well, you've certainly "come back", Hamish. I confess I took my eye off the ball when you didn't show up for so long since our brief correspondence, and this is the first time I've revisited at photolalia for a while. Love this one, and yes, it's definitely a fresh look at the old fave (still one of my "fetishes": I've been using a polystyrene head recently to calibrate an old Compur shutter on my 5x4, and I do believe I'm falling for her! ;-) ). And "move" is no less than magic: such heat in those flames. So, welcome back is what I say to you!
Martyn — thanks for the kind comments. I didn't mean to disappear for quite so long, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things again. Hopefully no more year-long breaks…. I can imagine the Art you're making with that polystyrene head — my cup of tea exactly… :-).
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