June 19, 2004

(Sydney, 2000. Image Copyright 2001 Hamish Reid).

A boring day at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney. Or rather, a day of (mostly) mildly-boring art; the people were good. A friend of mine was working for the Gallery somewhere deep in the building's catacombs at that time, and took an hour or two off work to join me and another friend for lunch in the Gallery's restaurant (on the house, of course). I took a lot of snapshots with my DC290 that day; this is the only one I really saw in a serious way. After a good bottle of wine and a very good lunch, there it was -- the artiest damn thing I'd seen all day. I swear I've done virtually nothing to this image except a little cropping -- the glow was there in real life -- and it's remained in my mind (and on my wall) as just another bit of industrial domestica. And that's all there really is to say about it.

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