May 20, 2004
  Dancing About Architecture...

Laurie Anderson never actually said anything like "writing about art is like dancing about architecture". But she should have. It always felt appropriate, and it's the sort of irritating thing you'd expect her to say (you can't imagine dancing about the Louvre?!). So here's a little confused dancing about the issue...

Photolalia is basically a place where I post and discuss some of my images and what went into making them, or what they mean to me, or what I think about someone else's images, or a few words about something connected to images or the biz (what little I know of it). It's basically an extension of the pretentious (and very old) Photolalia page on my original Pandemonia site. Yes, it's all about taking the mystery out of things that should speak for themselves, but that's what happens when you think too much. Photolalia is also (obviously) not aimed at an academic or intellectual audience. Or those who think that Afterall (God bless their souls -- I'm actually an avid reader...) is the pinnacle of clear writing.

Many of the images here can also be seen at Pandemonia or my other websites; where appropriate I'll probably include a link to larger versions on those sites.

Photolalia makes extensive use of JavaScript and CSS; if you don't enable these in your browser, the results may look a little odd (or odder). I update Photolalia only every now and then, rarely more than once a month.

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Even though it's not her original quote Laurie Anderson did use that line in 'What You Mean We' ( 1987) a video for PBS's video arts series 'Alive From Off Center'. The bit was also pulled and used for one of Anderson 'Public service Announcements' also shown on PBS. She also mentions this quote in recorded radio interview about turn of the century avant-garde dance. Why do I know this? Teenage years are very impressiona
I always thought that she started playfully using that line because people thought it was hers (which it became). Which would be the sort of thing she'd do…
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Photolalia is part of the Ylayali complex.

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